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tao te ching wikipedia - title the tao te ching is the wade giles romanization of the same name as the pinyin daodejing it should however be pronounced much like the wade giles romanization meaning the d s in daodejing should be pronounced like english t s and the j like the english ch, tao te ching a new translation with commentary ellen - tao te ching a new translation with commentary ellen chen on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers this incisive illuminating translation of the tao te ching treats these sacred writings as religious philosophy having as their central message the value of peace refreshing and challenging, tao te ching a new translation and commentary lao tsu - the tao te ching is a great treasure house of wisdom written by lao tzu as early as the sixth century b c and composed of only 5 000 characters it has become one of the classic works of spiritual enlightenment, chapter index tao te ching dao de jing by lao tzu - chapter and thematic index tao te ching by lao tzu chapters 1 20 daodejing by laozi tao te ching by lao tzu compiled and indexed by michael p garofalo this work is licensed under a creative commons attribution noncommercial noderivatives 4 0 international license created by michael p garofalo green way research valley spirit center gushen grove notebooks red bluff california, taoist texts internet sacred text archive - these are principal texts of taoism taoism along with confucianism and buddhism was one of the principal religions of feudal china tao te ching, poor lao tzu he gets blamed for so much scripturient - this post has already been read 79500 times poor lao tzu he gets saddled with the most atrocious of the new age codswallop as if it wasn t enough to be for founder of one of the most obscure philosophies not a religion since it has no deity he gets to be the poster boy for all sorts of twaddle from people who clearly have never read his actual writing, dao de jing wikip dia - l ments bibliographiques titre couter la prononciation sinogrammes simplifi s sinogrammes traditionnels hanyu pinyin d od j ng wade giles tao te ching romanisations diverses tao t king tao t king tao te ching dao de jing ou tao to king dao de jing est g n ralement traduit en fran ais par le livre de la voie et de la vertu et